What’s in a name?

At BajaDivers.com we think our two-word name says a lot. The first word is Baja, because we’re not just about diving in Cabo or La Paz or the East Cape. We’re about diving everywhere on the peninsula – all glorious 2,000 miles of its coastline and all of its many nearby islands.

The second word in our name is Divers because we’re a site by divers and for divers. Oh, sure, we provide tons of information about dive operators and dive sites but, first and foremost, we’re here to serve divers. People like you, who appreciate our unbiased, no-nonsense information about diving the Baja Peninsula.

Our mission is to provide the information necessary to make your Baja dive experience everything you want it to be. Use us to identify sites of interest and then locate operators who are familiar with those sites. Read our “dive logs” written by divers who’ve actually been there. Select local restaurants and hotels that match your tastes and budget. And when you get home, send us an email and tell us how much you enjoyed diving the Baja Peninsula!


-R.J. Archer

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